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Louise Johnson for Nevada County Board of Education

Education Is the Key to a Brighter Future 

Louise Johnson for Nevada County Board of Education

I believe that education is the best force for equity and equality for all people. My journey on that mission has been from urban schools east of East Los Angeles, the farm working communities of California’s great Central Valley, to remote rural areas of Northern California. I have loved all of my roles as a high school science teacher, an elementary principal, a district director, assistant superintendent, and superintendent.

I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Nevada County Board of Education in the summer of 2020, and I am running now for my seat in Trustee Area 1. 


My candidacy platform has three (3) overarching planks.

Robust Education

Education of the whole child through robust educational programs that include academics, arts, athletics, and activities through personal interaction with teachers and other students. I am proud of our academic programs throughout our county schools, K-12 in public, private, and charter school settings.

For me, the day that a student crosses the stage and receives his or her high school diploma is the culmination of all of our work, each of us doing our part for that student. Strong arts programs help students to find ways to express themselves and discover passions that will serve them throughout their lives.

Physical activity and athletics keep our bodies strong and brings pride to a school. Activities such as student government lead the way to help young people develop into strong citizens and wise voters.  

School Advocacy

Our schools are subject to many laws and regulations which may or may not make sense. Especially relevant now is advocacy with the State of California to provide the resources to safely reopen our schools for students, faculty, and staff. My special concern is having our voices heard with the state and federal government when “One-Size-Fits-All” legislation is not wise for our small rural schools and districts.

I have always been, and will continue to be, a firm advocate for what is best for kids across all ethnic and economic groups. Decisions are best made locally and often require courage in the face of controversy. I am able to work with diverse people and hear their points of view before making a decision or passing along their points of view to other concerned parties. I believe in partnerships, with the administration, teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community.

Together, we are stronger than any of us are alone.

Fiscal Conservancy

I am fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible. I have led 3 school districts through state budget cuts and declining enrollment, always with a commitment to preserve programs for students to the extent possible. When it comes to budget oversight, experience counts and I have it.

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